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Have you ever considered the origin of fruit? If you have and your answer is "from a seed" you are absolutely correct. Now, what about the seed... where does that originate from? The fruit. Correct.

Like the fruit and seed complex (or more familiarly, the chicken and the egg) I believe that we encompass many of the components we need to thrive however, benefit largely from nurturing from the outside in. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by fresh, backyard-grown produce; nourished by home cooked meals and sweetened by the desire to learn, grown and serve. However, as time demands increased, conveniences abounded and consumption choices strayed from the wholesome variety, I was gravely impacted by preventable, chronic disease. 

I recognize that my experience is far from unique and have committed myself to educating those willing to learn about the impact that our food and lifestyle choices have on our spiritual wellbeing and overall health.

Professionally, I have served disenfranchised communities in a number of roles for over 20 years; am a Registered Dietitian under the Commission on Dietetic Registration, hold a BS in Public Health, BS in Nutritional Sciences and a Master of Public Administration. I have and continue to provide nutritional provisions in the academic, political, community and individual capacity. My specializations lie in food insecurity and chronic diseases plaguing the black community.  

As an agricultural enthusiast, I have delighted in the science behind growth in plants and humans alike. From the young to the more mature, together, we can cultivate the seeds within ourselves and commit to bearing good fruit through better habits, introspection, and smarter choices.  

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